Wednesday, June 6, 2012

MCS Sdn Bhd Memories :)

Many things happen in industry training. A lot I can learn. Many experiences that I have experienced throughout my training. Bitter and sweet :)

Thanks to all staff that are not finite because it was never tired of teaching me. I will use what I learned in the near future. God willing :)

Also Thanks to my parents, because a lot of financial sacrifice for me. Really appreciate it.

This is our memories :)

Some picture, Hangout together :)

 Moga kekal, both of you :)

Nampak tak aku begitu ceria? HAHA.

Mahkota parade.

Abg khairul yang kaki gadget.

After bath, pantai teluk bidara, Melaka.

Tak ingat jadah nama tempat nie. Tapi yang penting sangat best. Banyak belon besar besar.

Maimon & kiah yang kepoci.


Sweet laugh.

Done. The end story.

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